The bi-annual Celebration of Life is a joint venture of The Akula Foundation and Canon Hospice, held in memory of patients we have had the privilege of caring for and who have died. We invite the family members and caregivers of the deceased patients we had the privilege of caring for. The celebration includes a reflection lead by one of our chaplains, a video montage set with music and photos of our patients in various stages of their life, ending with a reception.

It is our opportunity for families to honor their loved one and for us to express our gratitude for allowing us into their lives. A variety of activities have been used, including hanging white lace angel ornaments on a tree, red roses with the person’s name placed on a wreath, and in the past, releasing of white doves or butterflies. As we celebrate the lives of our loved ones at this gathering, it is also an opportunity to help the families be aware that they are going on a journey of recovery from grief.