Camp Swan is a 3 day / 2 night camp for children ages 7-12 who have lost someone significant in their lives.

This camp is sponsored by Canon Hospice and the Akula Foundation.

Camp Swan is designed to provide an experience in outdoor living combined with therapeutic activities to facilitate grieving in a fun and naturalistic setting. Camp Swan Mississippi is held each spring at Camp Wilkes in Biloxi, Mississippi. Camp Swan – New Orleans will be held each fall at Camp Living Waters in Loranger, Louisiana.

The camp is staffed by volunteer counselors including bereavement counselors, social workers, doctors, nurses, medical students, and adults from the community. This weekend camp can accommodate approximately 40 children. The funding source for Camps Swan comes from donations from the community directed to the Akula Foundation and Camp Swan.

Campers are organized into four groups:

Younger Girls 7-9
Older Girls 10-12
Younger Boys 7-9
Older Boys 10-12

All campers will follow a schedule which will include meals, snacks, small and large group therapeutic and recreational activities.

Therapeutic activities will include art, music, drama and group and individual discussions. These are designed to help the campers to better understand and express their feelings of grief.

Recreational activities will include an obstacle course, educational lectures and physical exercise time. Admission is given on a space available basis. The Camp is free of charge, donations are accepted.