On Saturday, August 26 th the city of Houston along with surrounding cities was hit with the continued wrath of Hurricane Harvey. Along with many other families Chanell and her husband, Dwight Labran Jr., were unfortunately impacted in many ways by this storm.

Upon hearing news of a very powerful storm, the always eager to help, Chanell Labran, chose to stay behind and fulfill her duties as a RN for the only hospital open for business in Sugar Land and its surrounding areas. Dwight Labran, HVAC technician, chose to also stay inside and out of harm’s way (follow the instructions of the Mayor of Houston).

Unfortunately, by the first day of the storm Dwight quickly learned, as he was standing in his home with water up to his waist, that staying stationed may not be the best route to take. When neighbors realized that Dwight was still inside they offered him a way out in their family member’s Hummer and took him to his cousin’s house that fortunately did not receive much damage.

Sadly, hurricanes are no stranger to this family after surviving the effects of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 on August 29 th . Once again during this time Chanell chose to pray for protection over her family and sacrifice herself to serve as a RN at Ochsner Main hospital. Through it all, they are thankful to God that their family is safe

Two out of three young adult children, whom lived upstairs, were out of town before Harvey hit. The 1 st floor of their house is a complete loss along with two vehicles, but to God be the glory that no one else was there when the devastating effects of the storm began. Said Chanell Labran, “All that was lost with this storm will of course be a hassle to replace, but the safety and security of our family will always be priceless!”