Grief Resource Center

After Katrina an estimated one-third of the population of Greater New Orleans is in need of active clinical depression treatment. People are coming back into the city, trying to deal with the changes in their lives, while still grieving over loss of loved ones, loss of personal property, loss of jobs. These people need our help. Canon Hospice has the professional available to deal with grief, counseling and support of these people. Resources from grants, the community, the Akula Foundation and Canon Hospice will make this dream happen. With this dream in mind the “Grief Resource Center” was developed.

A comprehensive grief center for children, adolescents and adults in the region, the Grief Resource Center provides support for individuals who are grieving the death of a loved one, loss of property, loss of a job, loss of a way of life, loss of a pet and allows them to share their experience with others as they move through the healing process – all in a therapeutic environment. Our professional, caring staff is dedicated to providing comprehensive bereavement to all who participate.


To provide a safe environment for children, teens and adults to explore and express their feelings
related to their feelings of loss and learn to thrive in their world as it changes.


The management of grief takes place over time because grief is a process. Because the loss is such a highly personal matter, the grief process will be a totally individual one. However there are many experiences common to thos who grieve and it is for this precise reason that
The Grief Resource Center:
1. to offer the knowledge and insight that promotes a better understanding of grief by having on-site bereavement support by experience staff and volunteers
2. to provide a valuable and helpful resource for the grieving people and for the professionals who want to help them
3. to offer comfort and care in the form of group and individual therapy and by having available a list of therapy sessions available at the center and throughout the city
4. to provide a resource for information by having material available in the library of reading material; the plan is for an extensive library of books, brochures, magazines, video tapes and audio tapes, all which could be used on site or borrowed.
5. to offer a gathering space to accomplish meetings and fellowship
6. to provide the tools needed to successfully manage the grieving periods that are so much a part of every life by holding special events that include workshops, seminars, lectures, discussions and video presentations.